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Engagement Sessions


Why do an engagement session

If you don't normally like to be photographed, an engagement session is a great way to discover that being the subject can be great fun!
Use this time to express your personality as a couple. Make it fun and casual, and just enjoy some of the quality time away from wedding planning and the rest of the world.
Your engagement session will give you at least one hour- to escape and realize you both are getting married to each other and enjoy the time spent. At the same time, you will get some photos taken, ill give you an occasional direction to turn or position in the light. Most of the time I like for things to just happen, be your selves, explore the location, and get some great shots!


what do I wear?


Wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. You can combine bold colors, patterned fabric with some casual accessories. Feel free to explore and get creative with your outfit


Meet the Photographer ..ME!

Also, its a great way to meet your photographer and get familiar how your pictures will go on your weddings day. 

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