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Stranger Session Project

What is a stranger session?

Think of it as a blind date, set-up by photographers & other collaborators. Your date will include an outdoor picnic spread with charcuterie, chocolate covered strawberries & non-alcoholic drinks, decorated with a fall/Halloween theme. We will capture the entire story from the moment you meet & throughout the experience.

Get the chance to fall in love, or just have a super fun afternoon with a complete stranger, curated by other strangers!

All applications for model calls Must be submitted by filling out the form and submitting your application fee. We ask that all applicants be within one hour of South Central Pennsylvania. This shoot is open to all single persons between the ages of 21-39.



To bring two beautiful souls together on a blind date and provide a incredible experience curated by creatives.

Aerial View of Picnic Table


We will match two people and invite them on a blind date completely designed by our creative team. The whole date (we will give you a little alone time) will be photographed and shared on the creative collaboratives social media. There will be a delectable charcuterie spread , drinks, and a  set designed by the creatives in the latest decorative trends.

Outdoor Picnic

The applicants must meet all the criteria outlined by the creatives.

Current stranger session is going to be held in September 2022.

This we be a fall themed picnic. 
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